How a vaccine is produced?

During this time, COVID-19 still acts as a significant threat for our lives. An effective vaccine is a vital and urgent method to protect our bodies from the disease. A vaccine for an infectious disease can form a shield by our immune system, which destroys disease-causing germs – also known as pathogens – when they invade the body. If our immune system isn’t quick or strong enough to prevent pathogens taking hold, then we get ill. Vaccines can be applied to prevent this kind of circumstance, which supplies a controlled exposure to a pathogen by training and strengthening the immune system so it can fight that disease quickly and effectively when the real one attacks. By imitating an infection, the vaccine protects us against the real thing.

Basically, the development cycle of a vaccine contains six section:

Exploratory stage – Preclinical stage – Clinical development – Regulatory review and approval – Manufacturing – Quality control

This is a comparatively time-consuming duration which can take more than 10 years depending on the type of disease. But based on the severity of pandemic, scientists utilize various actions to speed up each stage for make sure as quickly as possible.

Here is the video for the introduction of how fast a vaccine can be made. It demonstrates the detailed procedure for vaccine development and how can we accelerate each section.

Nowadays, research of COVID-19 vaccine become extremely fast grown. There are several vaccines being tested on people in clinical trials. Most experts consider the vaccine of COVID-19 is possibly to be available broadly by mid 2021. That would be a huge scientific accomplishment and it allows lockdowns and social distancing to be relaxed.

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