Writing time!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying safe and already moving back to the “new normality”. It is June 2020 and so the end of the project approaches. In my case it is now exactly 3 years that I started the project, therefore it is time for me to finish lab experiments, wrap up data, write manuscripts, and put things together in preparation for my viva. These last couple of months of home-working have surely help this purpose. I hope soon I can share with you some of my research outputs that either have been submitted or are in track to be submitted soon:

  • Review on Gold nanozymes: from concept to biomedical applications
  • Article on Hg detection through a SERS-based sensor using gold nanostars
  • Article on Mycobacterium bovis detection using peroxidase-like activity of gold nanostars

Despite my contract within the FoodSmartphone project came to an end 2 weeks ago, I’m happy that we can regain the lab-time lost during the lockdown. Thus, we’ll be allowed to come back to the labs from next week (I can’t wait to come back to the normal routine!). This will hopefully give me some time to collect some more data regarding the detection of Listeria monocytogenes using RPA, a PCR-like method based on isothermal DNA amplification. Since RPA is going to be an important part in my PhD thesis, I am enthusiastic that this work can be resumed and hopefully lead to a publication.

In any case, there is still one important milestone in the horizon: the final FoodSmartphone open day that will take place by the end of the year in Spain. I am looking forward to meeting you all there to share our research outputs!

Also I wanted to thank the involvement of Barilla with the project by doing the online training course, it was an interesting week, and it was really helpful to have one week of virtual contact with other people during the days of hard lockdown.


Finally, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and involvement in the FoodSmartphone project of all the partners, it has been a great experience to be part of it and surely it will boost our careers as early stage researchers!

See you soon!


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