Reflections on the current Covid-19 situation

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well. The current Covid-19 pandemic is apparently affecting most of us living on this planet with some people unfortunately lost their lives or their loved ones and most of us self-isolating to save more lives.

Currently, I am working from home for quite a while already and have come up with a few reflections on the current Covid-19 situation.

Firstly, we shall work together. Based on the current reports, most healthy people will only show mild symptoms after getting Covid-19 while it might be deadly for some others. However, the tricky part is that even symptomless patients can still spread the disease. Thus, even healthy people are all self-isolating themselves to prevent any spread of the disease to our loved and vulnerable ones. We are saving the lives of even strangers by scarifying our precious rights to move freely. Also, despite the much divided world, collaborations across border will tremendously help each others especially for the worst hit and resource limited regions.

Secondly, we are witnessing an increasing number of nature disasters these years, from the record-breaking storms, extreme large-scale wildfires, super tornados, unstoppable locust plague, global warming, to the coronavirus pandemic this time. I feel it is time to rethink about our relationship with our mother earth. The response from her is transforming from altering to “punch-back”. We are like naughty children, ignoring these responses all the time. The earth is now furious and giving a hard if not a K.O. punch-back to punish us for our long-lasting greedy and arrogant environmental destructive actions. It is time for us to treasure the environment that we all living in. Meanwhile, stop eating wild animals…

Thirdly, we shall treat ourselves with healthy food. A statistic shows that 9 in 10 people who lost their lives beared with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. One of the major causes of these pre-existing diseases is the unhealthy diet. Since viruses coexist with humanity, consuming safer and more nutritious food is one thing we can do to keep healthy and get ready for the next challenge. Also, consuming authentic food will help maintain a sustainable food supply system.

Last but definitely not least, mental health is also very important during our self-isolation. If it is possible, I would suggest to frequently video/audio-chat or even exchanging emails with your friends and families to keep connected amid lockdown. It is not only useful to report that you are okay, but also effective to release mental stress as we are all social beings.


At the end, thank you very much for your time on reading my blog during this special  period of time. My special thanks to those who are still working to keep the essentials running. We are coming through this together.


Until next time,


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