Do we know where we are running? If yes, is it worth it?

Welcome back to my blog for the FoodSmartphone project!

It truly was a long break since my last blog. I was on break, exploring a more academic side of research. It was nice and a bit exhausting.

This blog will be less scientific and more philosophical. Current events and the current situation of the world allow us or at least some of us to stop and look back where we are going. Recently, cycling through the streets, I have noticed how many different singing birds live in my neighborhood. I probably would never notice this if not the current unusual situation.

As with birds, some things we would never notice just by cycling as normal. The strangest and the most challenging situations bring the best inspirations in us. The world now is similar to the last scene of the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” thirty minutes without electricity. The question that comes up: can everything operate as normal at this moment of no “electricity.” I think it is a good time to stop for a moment and listen to the birds. The constant run forward without looking in the world without electricity, we risk crashing into the wall.

“Social isolation” is challenging for many of us. In each case; it is challenging in different ways. As human beings, we must always look for hope. A believe that tomorrow will be better than now. There is another aspect of this by making tomorrow better. We improve ourselves to evaluate what is important and answer to the question: “Is this worth it?”

Thank you!

Take care! Stay safe and healthy and always look for hope 😊





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