What happened during the outbreak

Hi everyone!

First of all, I hope you all good health and good luck in 2020!  

This is my first blog in 2020. In this blog, I would like to talk about a special thing. In the past month, during the lunar new year holiday of China, a new coronavirus spreads widely. Since the virus was confirmed it can be transmitted from person to person, from Wuhan’s lockdown, gradually almost all cities in China set the restrictions on access of residents. Even in my hometown, a small city far away from the place where the outbreak began, the community where my family lives began to limit only one person can go outside the neighbourhoods to buy the daily necessities and food every two days until now. When you enter or exit the community, the security guard will hold a thermometer to check if you have a fever. Small and medium-sized enterprises is still closed.

All these severe situations, make me feel like it is an epidemic occurs in the history textbook. But at this time, it is not far from my life anymore, it is what we are experiencing. 

The first several infected cases came out from Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan. Some wild animals also were sold in this place, which means the virus highly likely crosses over from wild animals. To find the original source of the new coronavirus, researchers obtain its genetic sequence, which is similar to the coronaviruses that circulate in bats, including SARS and its close relatives. However, scientist are still not sure what animals is the new coronavirus host. One initial study suggested the virus jumped to humans from snakes, but other biologist were sceptical of the study. And some of them think pangolins is the most likely candidate.

Due to its mild and cold-like symptoms during the beginning period, people may ignore it. And there is an evidence shows people have no symptoms also can infect others. The high contagion causes the increasingly confirmed cases around the world.  Besides, this kind of zoonotic disease is very dangerous since we do not have any effective vaccine in advance. Generally, a new vaccine takes at least one year. Currently the practical approach for treating the patients is treating them for their symptoms, instead of the virus itself. However, for the elderly and the people who already have some relative symptoms, the situation gets worse and doctors are still working on the solution.

Just before I post the blog, I heard from my family that they already began to work. But I do not know if this means the situation gets better.

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Gorbalenya, Alexander E. “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus–The species and its viruses, a statement of the Coronavirus Study Group.” bioRxiv (2020).



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