A new decade, a new detection device

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are making a positive start to 2020! In FoodSmartphone, alongside our research we are expected to make ourselves and the project visible. Of course we do this through peer-reviewed scientific publications, but in reality scientific publications remain largely that; publications by and for scientists. This means that we should keep you up to date with other dissemination activities, like blog-posts, popular science magazine articles (more to come on that in the coming month) and interviews.

In December I gave an interview about my research to the Food Analysis magazine which you can find by following this link :  FoodAnalysis_Feb2020_Issue1_GeorginaRoss

It was a cool experience to speak about my research in a different setting, and being invited to participate in things like this really serve to further validate how important and interesting the work we are doing in FoodSmartphone is to the public!

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