How is to present your research in an international conference?

Hello everyone,


The final FoodSmartphone year is running meaning that I have already lot of results to present and (hopefully) publish. Therefore, I traveled to the tropical Naples, FL where the 56th North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW 2019, was held. Something that people may not know is that attending such international conferences needs submitting your study mooonths in advance. Consequently, insightful planning is the key for an accepted submission. In my case, I applied both for an oral presentation and a young scientists award. My applications were both accepted indicating that FoodSmartphone project is a cutting-edge approach in food safety field.

Regarding the overseas trip, this was my first time crossing the Atlantic ocean. For this reason, I was willing to experience a long flight (more than 11 h to go) and the great time zones difference. Although I didn’t have any problem with the flight, the 6 hours difference to Prague was quite a big deal. I landed on Saturday 20th of July and my presentation was on Monday. In this way, i tried to recover and switch my biological clock. Honestly, i dint achieve it at all and during this week i was waking up around 4-5 am which is quite unusual for me. In any case, this is another difficulty that you have to face to disseminate your research globally.

My presentation was entitled “The Enzymatic paper-on-a-chip concept: Towards the On-Site Organophosphate and Carbamate Pesticides Detection in Fruits and Vegetables” (pic 1).

Picture 1. A tweet about my presentation

I know that this complicated title doesn’t mean anything to you but it’s about the development of a little device that you may use in the future to test your food for pesticides. The device is coupled to a commercial low cost smartphone (Pic. 2) and an app (Pic. 3) which evaluates the result and provides “one-click results”. In other words, the user receives a “it’s free of pesticides / you may have problem here. Contact us” response.

Pictere 2. The under-development Foodsmartphone technology 
Picture 3. Screenshot of our pesticides detection app

Worthy to say is that conference attendees were surprised with our approach and many of them discussed with me about it. This is a great added value as you expand your professional network and have an interactive feedback by people of the field.

I post also the a summary video about NACRW 2019. Overall, it was a great scientific and social experience and highly recommend it to future attendees.


Now, I am back in Prague trying to finish different manuscripts and submit them for publication. I believe that in the near future I will be able to share with you all these results.

Enjoy your holidays and thank you for reading my blog.



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