4 Simple Tips to quickly Fail your Diet and Health

Hello everyone,


In this blog, I would like to introduce 4 simple tips to quickly ruin your diet and health. Before we get into this, I have to clarify in advance that no responsibility will be taken from me for any consequence of following these tips… After acknowledging this statement, let us get started.

There are actually lots of good practices to achieve the goal of failing one’s diet and health. Here, we mainly focus on 4 most straight forward and effective ways to do that. These 4 ways were formalised into 4 simple tips hoping that they could be understood (or applied…) as easily as possible.


Tip 1: Having deeply processed food

Deeply processed food is very common nowadays to fulfil the needs of making food tastier, extending the storage time, or simply improving its appearance to motivate higher consumption. All kinds of potato chips that can be found in supermarkets are good examples under this point. The reason why this point is placed at the top is because it is hard to find out and control what has really been added in the deeply processed food (e.g. pesticides, allergens, nature toxins, microorganisms, etc.). An example is that horse meat was found in beef in 2013. No one has noticed until its wide spread-out. Horse meats were mainly discovered in frozen beefburgers. It would be much harder to replace beef steak with horse meat though. I think you have already gotten my point: the more processed the food is, the more vulnerable it will be towards food related issues compared to less processed food. Therefore, if you want to ruin your health and diet, do not hesitate to pick up and eat those deeply processed foods. Please also keep in mind that do not take fresh and less processed foods since they will deactivate the plan!


Tip 2: Focusing on a simplex diet

Another simple trick to quickly destroy your diet and health is to focus on a very simplex diet. Persistence and perseverance are the key attitudes here – the more focusing you are on your simplex diet, the more effective this tip would be. Here is why it works: we human need a wide variety of nutrition to be heathy. A single kind of food usually only offers a very limited range of nutrition that we need. For example, beef holds great nutrition values and is always considered as a great source of protein – it is rich in omega-3 fats, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and many others… However, focusing on a diet as great as beef steak for a long period of time will result in a short of vital nutrition such as vitamin C and flavonoids. Thus, a very simplex diet with great persistence will converge to malnutrition, and this will certainly do the job of destroying your health and diet. That is right, just focusing on eating a single type of food!


Tip 3: Always dining in restaurant

A good practice of downgrading your diet and health is actually always eating in the restaurant. Some may argue that food offered in top restaurants are elaborately prepared and nutritional valuable. However, it is always true that restaurants will introduce a couple of more procedures into food processing. This is usually done in the kitchens hiding in the back of the restaurants where food quality control can hardly be effectively monitored and controlled, especially during the busy hours. Also, there are some immoral restaurants would replace expensive food ingredients with cheap alternatives (e.g. cooking oil and fish fillet). This is more common in developing countries and is quite hard to be identified. In general, restaurants also tend to make dishes more flavourful by overly adding condiments that would negatively affect our health. Keep dining in restaurants will tremendously increase the risk of destroying your diet and health. Therefore, you should always consider dinning in the restaurants instead of making your own dishes with fresh ingredients at home!


Tip 4: Eating deeply fried or burnt food

Studies have shown that harmful chemicals (e.g. acrylamide) generated in high-temperature cooking and burnt food could lead to cancer. When we deep-fry our food in high-temperature oil or grill the meat during BBQ, those dangerous chemicals are being generated in our food. There is no doubt that frequently eating these kinds of food will quickly fail your diet and health. Yes, you guessed right – one of the effective solutions to achieve the goal is always enjoying those overcooked or burnt food!




I would like to summarise these tips with an example: focusing on eating fast food persistently for a long period of time could rapidly achieve the goal since it could apply all these 4 tips at the same time if you think closely.


Alright, smart readers as you are may have already noticed that the purpose of this blog is trying to show tips avoid following, instead, opposite of them are actually recommended. However, having some fast food occasionally for example is joyful and time-saving. There are definitely healthy fast food as well. If you have any thought or any more tip regards to failing one’s diet and health, please feel free to leave comments below. In the end, thank you very much for reading this blog of nonsense. Hope you will always keep happy and healthy.


Until next time,


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