Γεια σας!

I am starting writing this blog after many stressful weeks of writing, experiments, personal challenges, and very little sleep. In the last weeks I’ve gotten my hands on the DART-MS… The feeling of working with a new instrument for the first time is amazing. So many things to explore, but at the same time, so many things to learn! The challenge is there and the real deal just started!

viber image

However, giving the stressfulness of past weeks, the last thing I want to write about in this blog is my work and progress. Instead, I want to write down some thoughts. Those who know me very well, know that I am not that kind of person who shares her thoughts publically through blogs and quotes. I strongly believe that when true friends surround you, there is no need for public expression of emotions, since they are always there to listen and chat. However, now that the days approach for me to return to Greece for the Christmas holidays, I feel emotional and I want to relax. One of the things I would normaly do to relax would be to paint. Since I remember myself, I was always holding a brush and expressing my inner creativity and emotions. However, because of all those days of studying, painting was one of the things I had to sacrifice. Nonetheless, spending a day in Amsterdam, and most specifically at the van Gogh museum, was a great inspiration and boost to continue what I love doing in my free time no matter how limited that is.

Lucky enough to visit Amsterdam and take a selfie in front of the “I amsterdam” sign, one week before its removal.

Since the end of November, the Netherlands is in festive mood, as “Sinterklass”, the Dutch version of Santa Claus, is visiting children to bring them gifts, as early as the 5th of December. Seeing Sinterklass at the central square of Wageningen the previous weekends, was a strange show. Not because of the white bearded man dressed in red, but because of it’s strange looking companion “Zwarte Piet”. A piece of controversy the last years in the Netherlands, that despite it, keeps bringing joy to little kids.

Zwarte Piet in Wageningen

As soon as I returned to Athens for the Christmas holidays, I noticed a big difference since the last time tha t I was here, in September – probably the best time to visit Greece, since the weather is still warm, but not August-hot. Now the landscape is different, as it’s winter, and everything seems grey and moody, even under the Christmas decoration of flashing lights on the streets.

I enter my room. The room I’ve been living for the past 25 years, and I notice a phrase. A phrase from Immanuel Kant, that I heared years ago and I have written on a piece of paper and glued on my wardrobe. It’s been there for the last 8 years. It has been there so long that I almost forgot it. The phrase goes like this: “Always treat people as ends in themselves, never as means to an end” – of course, it’s written in Greek. When I came across this phrase all those years ago, I was so impressed, of how such a great message comes out of so few words. Being raised by my parents with kindness, I was taught to treat others with respect, and naively, I thought that the whole world is governed by that rule… and oh boy, was I wrong! All arround the world, people are ready to use others in order to achieve their goals. Vanity, ambition, jealousy, interests, ego are only few of the reasons. Just keep breathing and move on. That’s what I tell to myself when I come across such circumstances. And so life goes on.


So with those and many other thoughts I will spend the next 17 days in Greece, with my family, until I return to Wageningen trying to befriend my new “toy”.

Till next time though,

Peace and Love!


7 comments on “Thoughts…

  1. Wow!! Qué lindo!! Felicitaciones, Ariadni!


  2. It sounds like you are experiencing many great things. The VanGogh museum must be fantastic. I have heard about some of those Christmas customs. It seems magical.
    I like the thoughts on not using people for one’s own good. Your parents have raised you right.
    Enjoy your Greek Christmas and give hugs from your Auntie’s American pen pal!
    So proud of you.


    • AriadniGK

      The VanGogh museum is exceptional! I only wish it was slightly cheaper.
      Christmas in Greece were cold but cozy… Unfortunately days go by really quickly. Regards from the Netherlands!


  3. Great writting Ariadni !! Keep posting your thoughts !! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family !!


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