Welcome to my fifth blog for FoodSmartphone project,

The time is really passing fast. It seems only just a moment ago I have started my FoodSmartphone project. This time I would like to talk about my employer Aquamarijn Micro Filtration BV.

Although, I am a PhD student (in Dutch system: PhD candidate at Wageningen University & Research, I am employed by Aquamarijn Micro Filtration BV, as a Research Scientist. Previously, I have mentioned that my unique position between two worlds: commercial and scientific research, which provides me with a balanced view on how science should work The commercial view on science is in search of simple, cost efficient, applicable discoveries. In contrast, academic science sometimes look for more curiosity driven and fancy discoveries rather than applicable ones. The search of compromise between those approaches is part of my job.

Aquamarijn is a small company which started with the aim to develop high flux, precision microfiltration membranes or ”microsieve membranes™” in 1994. The microsieves till now are the most prominent and popular product of our company. So, what is a microsieve? The simple and non-scientific explanation would be, it is a sieve that you use in the kitchen but then with micropores.  The micromembranes filter liquids and biological media from cells or impurities in the same way that you in your kitchen sieve the flour from clumps.

Aquamarijn has succeeded in the application of its main product in many fields: filtration, emulsification, cell detection and spays. This wide variety of applications has broadened the product line of the company through a range of collaborations and research projects that we conduct. The small size of the pores allowed microsieves to be used for bacterial filtration of different liquids. The same feature allows the creation of spays for drug delivery, by simply pushing liquid through the pores. The micro-droplets of liquids are created in such way that they can be easily targeted to specific areas in the lungs.


We are a team of 6 people, a small but effective company apart from me my supervisors: Jacob Baggerman, Cees van Rijn there three more employee Ai Nguyen, Hien Duy Tong, and Albert Poortinga who work in different research projects and on the production of microsieves and other products. We are based in Zutphen a small town in middle of The Netherlands. The company combines two aspects in itself: research projects, such as FoodSmartphone and In-Air Microfluidics, and commercial production of microsieves and other nano- and microarchitectures.

Aquamarijn attempts to provide future technologies in micro- and nanoengineering into applicable sets now. We have a challenging task but we also hope there are many people, companies and institutions that we can collaborate with to achieve these challenging goals.

Thank you for reading till the end!

I hope it was interesting insight in the inner-workings of Aquamarijn.


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