Exchanging ESRs

Hi all!


I hope you are alright and enjoying a nicer weather. Here in Belfast it’s been a weird couple of months: we had to say goodbye to Jordi, who went to Barcelona for a secondment, and gave a “warm” welcome to Andriy, who’s come for almost a month to Queen’s. So there’s still 3 of us here, which seems to be a good number to talk about research. It has actually been very interesting to spend some time together and get to know what each other is doing in the lab. Not only that, but it has helped us to realize that we can move forward faster through collaborations: I can synthesize some nanoparticles for you while you can characterize such nanoparticles using some impressive piece of equipment that you have access to (a win-win J). Coming from Aquamarijn, I’ve appreciated some differences in the way a company works compared to academia, something really interesting to know when you are taking your first steps in the scientific world.


Welcoming Andriy to our office

Also, we enjoyed a nice dinner this week to wish Jack a happy birthday and a safe journey back to the Netherlands to Andriy.

Jack's Birthday

Dinner with some IGFS colleagues


Regarding the lab work, after having submitted with Jordi our first project deliverable, it’s time to set up some experiments that need to be done before June, when I aim to present some results at the Biosensors Conference. It’s going to be exciting to attend it and share my research with scientist from all over the world. I can’t wait!

Moreover, a couple of weeks ago I enjoyed my first Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland. So I think this is the prefect blog to explain who this person was. It is believed that Patrick was the son of a deacon and was kidnapped by Irish raiders to be taken as a slave in Gaelic Ireland. During the 6 years that he was there, he “found” God, who showed him the way home. Patrick became a priest and converted the pagan Irish to Christianity. There are also some rumours saying that he’s the one that drove snakes out of Ireland. That’s why every 17th March this festivity is celebrated.

Anyway, I was planning to stay in Belfast for St Patrick but, in the last minute, we decided it was best to go to Dublin (the snow or the freezing temperatures didn’t matter!). It was amazing to see the so many people wearing green clothes and hats, crowding the streets where its famous parade was passing. The day was even more special, since Ireland won its last match of the 6 Nations League against England, winning not only the championship, but also the Grand Slam title. You can imagine people went crazy when the game was over. I still can’t believe that I don’t have any picture to show you, I guess I was too worried to avoid running out of battery since I had the tickets for the bus back to Belfast in the phone (what can’t be done with a smartphone these days…? 😉

I hope you are all having a good time and enjoyed my blog. Take care and enjoy some days to rest during Easter!



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